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Here is a variety of case studies on our work, from musicians, to difference makers, to iconic athletes who are helping to shape the world of culture, action, lifestyle and adventure sports.

Michael Franti & Spearhead


John Roderick of Neu Productions recently answered the call to work with musician, poet and social activist Michael Franti on a new documentary film and music video titled “11:59”. The film shines light on four incredible individuals who are all facing some of the world’s most urgent issues from the global economic crisis, climate change, poverty, war and disease. His powerful lyrics, “It’s 11:59 and :59 clicks, the whole world’s burning but the clock just ticks”, addresses the human issue of what needs to change in the world NOW and how do we do it? With powerful interviews from difference makers throughout the world, Franti explores ideas and questions that inspire viewers to make decisions in their own lives that will help to shape the future of our planet. “One love, one blood, one heart, one soul…”, lyrics that shout, we’re all connected and together we must create change in this critical time, 11:59.

Reinforcing the film is the “11:59” music video featuring London based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Sonna Rele. Director of Photography John Roderick framed shots that would visually connects to the powerful words from the songs global massage. Filmed on locations supporting the documentary film in San Francisco, California, Bali Indonesia, Flores Island, Indonesia and Tacloban, Philippines by Neu Productions, an culture, action, lifestyle and adventure sports film production company based in Denver, Colorado.

Client: Michael Franti & Spearhead

Directed By: Michael Franti

Director Of Photography: John Roderick of Neu Productions

Film & Music Video Editor: John Roderick of Neu Productions

Produced by: Michael Franti, Catherine Enny/Guerilla Management

Production Assistants: Leah Dawson, Blythe Nelson

Assistant Producer: Sara Agah Franti


otv-logo copy


John Roderick and the team at Neu Productions have had the pleasure of providing turnkey production services such as concept, directing, producing, cinematography and editorial to outdoor lifestyle network “Outside Television”. Capturing in some of the worlds most remote locations with leaders in the world of music, journalism and sport, Neu Productions has help shape and create original content for Outside’s original series Outlook, Branded and Dispatches.


Created from one of the most popular sections of Outside Magazine, “Dispatches” takes viewers on an epic journey around the globe while focusing on stories about the initiatives, technologies and people who impact our world.


“Outlook” is an in-depth interview series profiling athletes, journalists, musicians and leaders in the outside world who have impacted the industry in a meaningful way. “Outlook” provides the viewer incredible footage from the around the world and first hand accounts from the people and places where outside action happens. Each episode describes the unique landscape that is true to the person that is being profiled.


“Branded” takes an in-depth look at the brands taking outside adventure to the next level.


Here are some of the people and organizations Neu Productions has created stories on over the past couple of years: musician Donavon Frankenreiter, board riding icon Robby Naish, ski racer Julia Mancuso, snowboarder Gretchen Bleiler, big mountain skier Julian Carr, waterman Kai Lenny, lifeguard and bodyboarding icon Mark Cunningham, musician, poet and social activist Michael Franti, surfer Mark Healy, ski icon Scot Schmidt, surf cinematographer Dave Homcy, master ski filmmaker Warren Miller, surfer Rochelle Ballard, surfer Keala Kennelly, big mountain skier Angel Collinson, surf icon Gerry Lopez, surf cinematographer Larry Haynes, Live It, Love Foundation and the Kokua Hawaii Foundation

Client: Outside Television

Directed By: John Roderick

Executive Producer: Chris Crowley

Prodcuers: Rob Gilmore, David Butkus, John Roderick

Production Company: Neu Productions

Director Of Photography: John Roderick

Editors: John Roderick, Robert Fraser

Productions Assistants: Leah Dawson, Celia Miller, Carrie Rossman





For over 10 years John Roderick of Neu Productions has worked closely with iconic eyewear and apparel brand Oakley to produce action, lifestyle, product, and athlete stories that helped define the brands culture. Oakley has always lived on the edge of technology and forward thinking between products, ideas and innovations. In 2005, lead founder Jim Jannard opened the doors to RED Digital Cinema, a professional-grade digital camera system that supports raw recording of stills and video up to 6K resolutions for cinematographers and photographers. Neu Productions was fortunate enough to work with Oakley on the early “RED ONE” camera system testing within the action sports community. Neu Productions since has helped produce branded content such as films, commercials, product demos, and athletes profiles.

Oakley “Prizm” Lens Promo

Neu Productions helped to capture the launch of Oakley’s latest technology in goggles, the Prizm ft Lindsey Vonn, Shaun White and Aksel Lund Svindal. Engineered to help you perform over a wider range of lighting conditions, the Prizm reduces the need to switch lenses as lighting conditions change through out the day.

“Beyond Reason ft Lindsey Vonn & Aksel Lund Svindal”

In 2010 Oakley expanded into ski racing, John Roderick of Neu Productions helped produce engaging content of the alpine ski team including the most decorated skier (both male or female) in history Lindsey Vonn and Olympic gold medalist Aksel Lund Svindal.

“Uniquely” The Movie

“Uniquely” is a 6-section travel inspired women’s multi-sport (snowboard, ski, surf, skate, wake) film that exposes the “unique” personalities and lifestyles of the athletes involved as they pass the baton, or camera, from one location to the next.

The “Uniquely” film takes viewers on a cultural journey through Japan, Russia, Colorado, California, Indonesia, Brazil, Australia and beyond. Audiences will explore the remote corners of the earth with the women of Oakley, as they search for perfect conditions while building lasting memories and lifelong friendships. Awards: “Best Editing 2009” X-Dance Film Festival, “Best Action Sports Film “Vail Film Festival

Client: Oakley

Directed By: John Roderick

Production Company: Neu Productions

Director Of Photography: John Roderick of Neu Productions

Producers: Liesl Holtz, Greg Strokes


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