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Michael Franti "In Bali" - Outside Television Feature

Michael Franti is a musician, poet & social activist who owns a yoga retreat center in Bali called Soulshine. This year Michael and Soulshine will put on a concert festival to benefit the local birthing clinic Bumi Sehat, founded by CNN’s 2011 “Hero Of The Year” Robin Lim, as well as Green School, an eco educational school founded by iconic jewelry designer John Hardy. The festival is hosted by Green School, which is currently the world’s most sustainable school dedicated to environmental and social issues. The entire school is made of giant, state of the art bamboo structures and has been featured in many of the world’s top architectural publications.

Bali, Indonesia is one of the most magical and culturally rich islands on the planet. It lends to being the perfect backdrop to the Soulshine Festival that brings people from around the world together to dance, laugh, sing and raise awareness for our planets most urgent environmental and global issues. Follow Michael as he journeys through majestic Bali discovering ordinary people doing extraordinary things to change the world.

Credits: “Michael Franti in Bali”
Director: John Roderick & Michael Franti
Producers: John Roderick, Michael Franti
Director of Photography: John Roderick
Production Company: Neu Productions
Production Assistant: Leah Dawson
Show Editor: John Roderick
Assistant Editor: Robert Fraser
Sound Mix: Robert Ernest Hawes
Color Correction: Richard Flores
Cast: Michael Franti, John Hardy, Arief Rabik, Robin Lim, Jay Bowman, Manas Itene, Jens Dube, Anom Dalsana

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