John Roderick of Neu Productions recently answered the call to work with musician and social activist Michael Franti on a new documentary film and music video titled “11:59”.

The film shines light on four incredible individuals who are all facing some of the world’s most urgent issues from the global economic crisis, climate change, poverty, war and disease.

His powerful lyrics, "It's 11:59 and :59 clicks, the whole world's burning but the clock just ticks", addresses the human issue of what needs to change in the world NOW and how do we do it? With powerful interviews from difference makers throughout the world, Franti explores ideas and questions that inspire viewers to make decisions in their own lives that will help to shape the future of our planet. "One love, one blood, one heart, one soul...", lyrics that shout, we’re all connected and together we must create change in this critical time, 11:59.



Reinforcing the film is the “11:59” music video featuring the powerful words from the song: London based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Sonna Rele. Director of Photography John Roderick framed shots that would visually connects to the powerful words from the song.


“It was eleven fifty-nine and fifty-nine clicks.

The whole world’s burning but the clock just ticks


Over and over, every single day.

Some people steal while other people pray

To God, to man, machines or whatever.

Some of us just lost faith altogether.

“No wat, “they say, “it can’t be this way.”

That’s why so many people stand up and say:

One love, one blood, one heart, one soul and

One frum and only one rhythm,

One tribe and all of us singing

I’ts eleven fifty-nine and fifty-nine seconds."

Filmed on locations supporting the documentary film in San Francisco, California, Bali Indonesia, Flores Island, Indonesia and Tacloban, Philippines by Neu Productions.